Johann Georg JOST

Father: Johann Michael JOST
Mother: Margaretha FEDERLININ

Family 1: Susanna Catherine MORASCH
  1. Rachel Elizabeth JOST
  2. John Michael JOST
  3. George Frederick JOST
  4. Andrew JOST
  5. William JOST
  6. John Casper JOST
  7. Jacob JOST
  8. Catherine Barbara JOST
  9. Mary Sophia JOST
  10. Mary Philipina JOST
  11. John Philip JOST
  12. George Henry JOST

                          _Johann Michael JOST (2)_
 _Johann Michael JOST ___|
|                        |_Margaretha DENNIGIN ____
|--Johann Georg JOST 
|                         _________________________
|_Margaretha FEDERLININ _|



Arr. Halifax 24 July 1752 on Betty, which sailed from Rotterdam on 16 May with 161 "souls". A locksmith, from Strasbourg. Lived in Halifax one year, then moved to Lunenburg (among the first wave of settlers who established Lunenburg in summer of 1753). Lived in Lunenburg until 1760, apparantly tried farming (mentioned on several land deeds and livestock distributions, etc.). Last record in Lunenburg in 1760. Returned to Halifax by April 1760 (baptism of Geo. Fred.). This data and offspring obtained from notes of Winthrop Bell, gathered for his book "The Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia", 1961, Univ. of Toronto Press. (Notes on microfilm at PANS.) Ancestry obtained from Polli Jost, Central Point, Oregon, email

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